Exiled Eritreans vow to launch Ethnic-based movement


July 3, 2010 (MEKELLE, Ethiopia) – Eritrean Nationalities that represent the majority of Eritrean ethnicity vow to join hands together in the efforts to step up struggle to oust Asmara regime.

The Democratic Front of Eritrean Nationalities (DFEN) has hold Eritrean nationalities conference in the Ethiopia’s northern town of Mekelle, where representatives of some five ethnic groups, civic societies, religious leaders, refugees and front allies took part.

During their 3-day conference this week, Eritrean nations and nationalities reach an agreement to intensify their struggle to ensure their democratic rights.

“Eritrean nations and nationalities have decided to collectively take an arms struggle in a united form to secure the abandoned rights of self determination up to secession” Mohamed Mear, Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization(RSADO) foreign affairs head told Sudan Tribune.

“The latest move is the only way to topple an oppressive and tyrannical regime so justice and peace among the Eritrean nations and nationalities is ensured” Mohamed underscored.

Participants condemned President Issayas Afeworki-led Eritrea’s only party PFDJ of undermining the demands of its own people and ruining the nation.

“The atrocities on daily bases happening against Eritrean nationalities t is intolerable,” they said in a statement adding “now is the time we all act in united form to rebuild a democratic new Eritrea.”

The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) and the Democratic Movement for the Liberation of Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK) last year created the Democratic Front of Eritrean Nationalities (DFEN).

The front, currently embraces political organizations from Afar, Kunama and Saho ethnic groups. Two other, the Nara and Blen ethnic organizations are expected to join the front in a near future.

“The main aspiration of these peacemakers is restoring genuine justice and peace where all Eritrean nations and nationalities might exercise their democratic and basic human rights.” Nara National organization said in support to the Mission.

The Democratic Front of Eritrean Nationalities (DFEN) would hold Eritrean nationalities conference on 7, July 2010 to deliberate on an action plan.

According to Nessredin Ahmed, another RSADO official, the planned ethnic based movement will participate Eritrean refuges currently residing in Ethiopia and Sudan.

Currently there are some 50,000 Eritreans that took refugee in Ethiopian Camps; A lot more, an estimated 350,000 Eritreans are also being sheltered in neighboring Sudan.

Nassredin called on all peace-loving Eritreans at home and outside, all concerned groups, other Eritrean ethnic groups and the international community as a whole to shoulder the movement.

Last month, some Eight Eritrean opposition forces created a joint military front to launch a massive and well coordinated military attack against Eritrean government

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