Bologna Summit 2014 concludes with a road map to end the reign of dictatorial regime in Eritrea


(Bologna, Italy – September 2, 2014) – Eritrean organizations, civic groups, and individual activists came together for a second time in the historic city of Bologna to accelerate the establishment of a united national front against the dictatorship and for democracy in Eritrea.

During the 4 day summit that took place from August 29 – September 1, 2014 participants who attended from all over the world worked diligently on a framework that will enable the Bologna Forum to deliver its objectives and advance the cause in concrete and measurable terms.

This year, ten organizations endorsed the summit’s vision and objectives and actively participated. They are:
• Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea (CDRiE)
• Eritreans For Action (E4A)
• Eritrean Forum for Change (EFC)
• Eritrean Independent Democratic Movement (EIDM)
• Eritrean Movement for Change (EMC)
• Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Right (EMDHR)
• Eritrean National Democratic Front (ENDF)
• Eritrean People Democratic Party (EPDP)
• Eritrean Youth Solidarity for change (EYSC)
• Forum for National Dialogue (FND) (Medrek)

The Summit reinforced the importance of 1) Emboldening pro-democracy forces inside Eritrea; 2) Mobilizing the silent majority; and 3) Bringing the younger generation and women into leadership positions. It also stressed the immediate need of as a national vision for development, national reconciliation, and international advocacy.

To facilitate these and other important priorities, the Summit established a Task Force to pull resources together and immediately start working on 1) Building a United National Movement; 2) National Dialogue and Reconciliation; 3) Mobilization Inside Eritrea, 4) Building a Formidable Media; 5) Responding to Refugee Crisis; 6) International Advocacy 7) Involving Creative Artists. The Summit also adapted the resolutions of Bologna 2013 and the Pretoria Summit Declaration.

With the contribution of its many participants, the Bologna Forum succeeded in making a unique and united effort towards a United National Movement that aims at bringing resources, skills, and capacities together to advance towards a democratic transition driven from within Eritrea.


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