Eritrea, Italy to appeal EU: our intervention is not enough

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe has asked the Italian cooperation to clarify the situation of the 250 Eritreans detained in Libya, according to some reports, have been subjected to violence and could be forced to return to Eritrea . The Italian government meets demanding international intervention and confirmed his active role in this “fight against time.” Continue reading this article the commissioner Thomas Hammarberg wrote two letters to Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and the Interior Minister Roberto Maroni (published on the Council website), stating that some of the Eritreans have sought protection from ‘ Italy, but were sent back to Libya without the possibility of being defended by the international community. “The situation worries me. There are reasons to believe that if these migrants should be returned to Eritrea may be exposed to serious human rights violations “writes in his letter to the Commissioner Maroni, calling for a speedy response from the Italian government. Maroni and Frattini have today written a letter to the paper, stressing the complexity of the case and requesting intervention by the international community.” recall, but only for completeness of arguments, the necessity of an attitude of respect of sovereignty and international action … Libyan able to involve the UN, its agencies and other international organizations, “they wrote in the letter Maroni and Frattini, adding that the fate of the Eritrean nationals can not be resolved by “privileged and yet our own bilateral relationship.” Maroni and Frattini are attacking the international community, arguing that the story confirms the fragility of the European Union and the seriousness ” perspective ‘North’ which continues to the Mediterranean and its southern shore as a ‘world away’. “The ministers also add that the story of Eritreans in Libya” a race against time “and that Italy in forefront of the mediation to identify 250 people and “to offer them a job” in Libya. ITALIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL: NEWS little reassuring Hammarberg calls for the intervention of Italy to clarify the situation with Libya, which recently imposed UN Refugee Agency UNHCR to strictly limit their activities in the country. “According to these reports, June 30 some 250 Eritrean prisoners in Misratah were loaded onto trucks and transported to the prison Sabha. Before their transfer, have suffered the violence of the Libyan military police which injured some of them seriously, “he wrote in the letter to Commissioner Frattini. The media report today, the direct testimony of some of the Eritreans in Libya wounded and frightened by a possible return former Italian colony, where fear of being killed. “The latest news is not reassuring,” he told Reuters Christopher Hein, Director of the Italian Council for Refugees. “Other (prisoners) were beaten, the number of those suffering from diarrhea on the rise and there ‘a doctor.” Hein said to worsen the situation there’ the recent decision by Libya to stop the operations of ‘ UNHCR in the country. Some refugees have asked for help in telephone interviews with Italian media, something that Frattini said he considered strange since the calls – he said – come from people who are detained and threatened with torture. Livia Turkish, President of Immigration Forum of the Democratic Party, in a statement renewing the appeal “because the government is active for a positive outcome of this dramatic situation,” and says to expect “convincing answers” tomorrow at the question time tomorrow in the House. The Committee Ministers of the Council of Europe drew few days ago the Italian authorities to comply with measures set by the European Court on Human Rights on deportation of immigrants, collected at least three violations of the rights of immigrants to appeal to the Court.

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