Organizational statement on the agreements concluded between the Australian company (Sioux Boulder) with the ruling gang


Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), a Red Sea Afar peoples political organization wedging armed and political struggle for decades against the undemocratic and repressive regime, learned that an Australian company called Sioux Boulder has entered into an agreement with the ruling gang in Asmara to produce potash from Kulluli area in Northern Dankila.


Per this agreement, the company has conducted research in the area and obtained the potash resource potential is very huge and attractive business. What makes it attractive is that it is found within 16-100 meters depth from the surface and the nearest to the sea port that it doesn’t require minimum cost to exploit it and makes it the costless mining in the world.


Previously, RSADO released a organizational press statement against such move and its consequences in different media including Sudan Tribune, etc. In this press, it has outlined the consequences that include the dislocations and displacement of the Red Sea Afar people.

Similar measures have been practiced by the Eritrean regime that finally forced by the name of investment the people to flee their place of birth and living. Not only for the sack of investment Red Sea Afar people and their families have been forced to flee by accusing them that they sympathize and support the on-going armed and political struggle.


These people that have been forced to flee have been denied humanitarian support at the time of severe droughts that Dankila zone have successively suffered. This situation is known to the people of Eritrea, to opposition political organizations fighting the dictatorial regime, let alone to the Red Sea Afar people.


Beyond this the regime has been isolated not from the regional countries but also at international level facing UN sanctions for what it has done to its people and igniting insecurity and instability in the region.


The internal economic and political environment is not conducive for the its people and this is indicated through fleeing of the young population to the neighboring countries, middle eastern, and Europe, while most of them drowned in the Red and Mediterranean Seas. Furthermore, the people and the army are suffers from the security regime that is suspicious on everybody.


Canadian company is investing on gold and zinc exploitation. Despite such investment the people are suffering lack of food, lack of access of water, electricity, etc.


Any reasonable person of the region and / or international would understand the worst livelihood the Red Sea Afar people face taking into account the challenges the highlanders face.


This regime has agreed with the company to displace and settle somewhere more than 500 families that neither beneficiaries nor share from the investment. Such displacement is not new to the Red Sea Afar people but when well known company appreciates such in human action is surprising and frightening. This is a crime by any standard justification.


The people of red Sea Afar and RSADO, once again would like to make aware to any concerned bodies / authorities and / or enemies of the Afar people the inhuman investment agreement and its upcoming inhuman consequences to those involved in supporting, directly and indirectly, as appropriate. Such actions are justified since it denies people’s existence and humanity.


Finally, the people of Red Sea Afar and RSADO clearly and explicitly express its determination to fight against the agreement concluded with the Eritrean regime. For sure, we believe without doubt the agreement wouldn’t be realized, at the critical time were support for regime non-existence and people are awaiting fall of the regime.

It is very sad to know such tragedy designed by the regime in collaboration with mediation and promotion by the Australian Company.


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