Eritrean Youth Global Movement – Canada (EYGM-C)

As part of the Eritrean Youth Global Movement, Eritrean youth in Canada has opened a branch office in Ottawa on June 20, 2009.

EYGM-Canada is a civic, non-profit movement whose mission is to promote democracy, human rights and rule of law in Eritrea. By bringing together all Eritrean youth in Canada, it will create a conducive environment to improve dialogue, communication and cooperation among Eritreans to develop a common strategy for the development of democratic Eritrea.

The main objectives of EYGM-Canada are to:

v  Educate and create awareness about fundamental rights issues

v  Mobilize and organise Eritreans in Canada to participate in the efforts of bringing justice.

v  Advocate for the voiceless and helpless in Eritrea.

v  Protect and promote the rights of Eritrean refugees around the world.

The role of EYGM-Canada will not only be restricted to the current leadership crises in Eritrea but also, it will serve as a watchdog to the future leadership in the country.

Finally we call upon all Eritreans in Diaspora to come forward and join us in bringing basic human rights and democracy in Eritrea.

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