A Call for action against PFDJ Festivals in Western World

By Fesseha Nair

We are now in the season of festivals in Europe where the dictator’s supporters organize a huge festivals in the name of Eritrean people but these festivals are simply income and political propaganda mechanisms of the dictator to control the people in diaspora.

The Eritrean dictator has only one instrument that is ERITV. Broadcasting a false political propaganda and false festivals under cultural and non-existent economic development. The dictator is a good leader to move the mass by feelings and unconscious drives. He knows well the behaviour of most Eritreans that they cannot determine by knowledge and reason. He can manipulate these instincts and emotions like that of Nazi Germany. His followers are persons who lost identity and humanity and are called by a common name called, ! Awet Nhafash!” or , “ one people one heart”. He is an expert in poisoning and exploiting of his followers if he suspects they don’t obey his rules by such methods he reaches his purpose without no obstacles.

The Eritrean opposition for democracy must struggle against this propaganda machinery by all means in order to liberate the Eritrean people.

While the dictator’s supporters organize festivals, the opposition political organizations also organize festivals and rallies against the oppression and brutal rule of the dictator in Eritrea. This year , the Eritrean opposition in Sweden will organize a huge rally in front of the PFDJ Festival in the city of Stockholm.

The Eritrean dictatorship exists because of huge support of the Eritreans in diaspora. Why are the Eritreans in diaspora and especially those who fled from the harassing and persecution of the dictator give support the regime is somewhat complicated to understand.

If the diaspora Eritrea would have stopped supporting the dictator, the dictator would have come to negotiation, it would have stopped waging war against its people, restore respect for human dignity and rights, free political prisoners, end torture and halt intervening militarily in internal affairs of neighbouring countries.

The submission of the Eritrean diaspora to cruel oppression and passive acquiescence to the ruthless dictator who has perpetuated atrocities on all Eritrean people does not mean Eritrea is in peace. Dictator’s peace is not the real peace but is prison and oppression of its people.

The international community is wondering what the Eritreans do in their resident countries while their people at home are suffering under dictatorship and fleeing in hundreds every week to the neighbouring countries –Sudan and Ethiopia and later far away to the Western world.

The Eritrean dictator’s power comes from the Eritrean people in diaspora. It is the Eritrean diaspora who denied the Eritrean people at home by giving it legitimacy and obey its rules. It is the major part of the diaspora group obeying, cooperating and providing assistance to the dictator. It is the skills and knowledge by the cooperating persons that strengthens the dictator. It is the diaspora Eritrea who induce people obey the dictator using psychological and ideaological factors.

The Eritrean diaspora has been an instrument of the dictatorship by threatening and intimidating their landsmen who showed disobedience and non- support to the dictator.

When will the Eritrean diaspora be aware of their muddleheadedness and become enlightened that the tricks of the dictator does not work longer?  And when will the Eritrean opposition combine their efforts to stop such festivals for the support of the dictator in the Western world?

Dictators have their weaknesses. The Eritrean dictatorship is not invulnerable has its own weaknesses but its weaknesses must be identified and the attack be concentrated on them. With knowledge of the Eritrean dictatorships weakness, the democratic opposition must seek to aggravate these weaknesses deliberately in order to alter the system drastically or to disintegrate it.

The following actions must be taken against the dictator’s source of power.

–         The support of the Eritrean diaspora must be restricted or withdrawn by legal reclaiming their refugee rights from the resident countries or be sent back to Eritrea.

–         Making the general public become apathetic, sceptical, and even hostile to the dictator by informing and educating.

–         Exposing the illegal activities of the dictator run by its embassies in the foreign countries.

–         Resident countries must no tolerate dictator’s supporters raise funds by organising festivals in the name of Eritrean people.

–         Calling resident countries for the implementation of the sanction adopted in 2009 against the Eritrean dictatorship.

The Eritrean dictatorship is very weak if the democratic opposition rally and put pressure to the international community. Look what has happened with the sanctions that was adopted by the UN Security Council before the UN Security Council announce its implementation, the dictator has secretly agreed that by the mediation of the rulers of Emirate/ Quatar already withdrawn its forces and agreed to pay war reparation to the government of Djibouti and secret meeting are going that it will recognize the transitional federal government of Somalia.

The dictatorship in Eritrea will do everything to survive. It has already withdrawn from Djibouti and will pay war reparations to the government of Djibouti. There are also some information that it will agree secretly with the transitional federal government of Somalia and will tell the world that it will fight the al- Shabab in Somalia and gradually come to dialogue with Ethiopia.  But the Eritrean people shall live under oppression and torture without no support from the international community. If the Eritrean people’s suffering is  to be eased and the foreign states will act against the dictatorship the internal resistance must work hard,  begin shaking the dictator drawing the international attention on the brutal nature of the regime instead been misled by its tricks.

The Eritrean Resistance must work hard that the recent adopted sanctions against the dictator must be implemented by all member states of the UN.

The writer of this call urge the “Eritrean Law Society” recently established in USA must file cases of crimes against humanity , war crimes, and ethnic cleansing committed by the brutal dictator and his enablers in diaspora. There are war criminals who fled the country and seek asylum in the Western countries under the cover of refugees rights they get permission of residence and later return to the embassies and work as spies of the dictator against those who oppose the dictator.

Every civil society in cooperation with Eritrean Law society must collect information about such persons and apply for charges to local offices of justice and security.

I again call the civil society in the diaspora to work hard with international organizations that the dictators enablers be banned to organize activities in the democratic countries. The illegal economic activities run by the embassies of the dictator must be examined based on international conventions and international law and the general principles of relations and duties of the embassies in the world.

The life and security of the refugees must be given priority. The regime is benefitting from flow of refugees. He follows them to where they are from Sudan and later other Arab countries. The main route of trafficking and kidnapping has been the route to Israel through Sinai Desert.

The main organizer of this trafficking and kidnapping must be traced and if possible the criminals must come to court of justice and the route must be stopped by all means. The Eritrean Law society with the other Eritrean human rights organizations must investigate such criminal activities of the regime through the different routs of the refugees seeking asylum in different countries.

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    People dont belive this propaganda. Farajat is a psyop tool against Eritreans!

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    Our brother in Boras ( Goatland) Sweeden, we don’t know which people you mean
    Farajat is read by all Eritreans and you not exceptional

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