The Realities of Appeasing policies with dictators

Who will get more the dictators or democrats?

 By Fesseha Nair

Appeasement is the making of concessions to the dictatorial powers in order to avoid  chaos and destabilisation. Foreign states will tolerate or even positively assist a dictatorship in order to advance their strategic interests. They may be willing to sell out an oppressed people for their own objectives. Some foreign governments can act against the dictatorships only to gain their own interests and military control over the country.


Appeasement has its roots during the post- world war 1 under the security arrangements approved by the countries who fought the first world war to appease Adolf Hitler but the result was that Hitler become more powerful and started the second world war that has devastated the world. Dictators can benefit or be weakened by international support. The external factors depend on the internal factors. In the case of the Eritrean dictatorship, there are no strong internal resistance movements that can convince the international opinion and get support. Foreign states can actively involve if they see the internal resistance forces begun shaking the dictatorship. The Eritrean opposition in Diaspora couldn’t shake the dictator in Eritrea.


Can the policy of appeasement with the Eritrean dictatorship stop its brutal behaviour against its citizens and neighbouring countries? Can the EU development Aid stop the flow of refugees from Eritrea? Is dictatorship the best path for peace and stability in the Horn of African countries? What are the causes to appease the Eritrean dictator at this time? Why do the EU and USA at this time pursuing the path of appeasement with the brutal regime in Eritrea? Because it can be that they see no alternative and they are afraid that the post- dictatorship in Eritrea  can create chaos in the RED SEA region similarly like that of Arab spring that happened in 2011.


The recent crisis in Yemen and the Saudi-led coalition has been a window of opportunity to the Eritrean dictatorship. All the countries involved in this crisis are for their own interests not for the oppressed people of Yemen. The same scenario is taking place like that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The Eritrean dictators u -turn from supporting the Houthis, Al- Shabab of Somalia and other rebel groups to join the Sauidi-led coalition is to normalize its relations with USA,  to get out of its isolation, get lift off UNSC sanctions, recovering diplomatic relations with some neighbouring countries through the mediation of the USA and EU and get some military and economic assistance that can help him to oppress its opposition forces inside Eritrea.


Why do the EU and USA deliberately surrender of a tiny dictator of Eritrea who has brutalized and brutalizing its citizens and have being the root cause of all destabilization both inside and outside Eritrea with all neighbouring countries included the EU and USA is some what difficult to grasp. How much do they trust the Eritrean dictator who can never abide by the rule of law but chaos and conflicts? History tells us that dictators will always take more if you let them or appease them without no preconditions.


As reports from the whole world shows there secret meetings held between the Eritrean dictator and the other actors in the war taking place in Yemen a this time. The Eritrea’s dictators visit in Saudia is ask the Saudi-led Coalition to use the Eritrean sea and territory and normalize its relationship with the western world. The EU and USA know well the Eritrean dictator failed to listen their recommendations and requests the past 24 years and have worked against them with forces against peace and stability in the Horn of Africa. He has been sponsoring, arming and training terrorists and if he is helped to stay in power the whole region will be in chaos and turmoil. The EU and USA must respect the UNSC sanctions against the Eritrean dictator and the UNHRC Inquiry Commissions on human rights violations in Eritrea. Any dialogue with the Eritrean dictator must be with strict preconditions.


If the Eritrean brutal dictator normalize its relation with USA and EU what will be the respond of the other neighbouring countries who has been in conflict with Eritrea since its independence under the rule of one man? Will the USA and EU mediate negotiation between Ethiopian government and Eritrean dictator? What about the relationship between Djibouti and Eritrea? Sudan And Eritrea?


What is the position of the Eritrean opposition in diaspora?  The point is here that this is the time that the democratic Eritrean opposition must work hard politically and diplomatically so that the EU and USA stop their unjustified appeasement and support the Eritrean people to be free in their own country.



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