Why you Must be in Geneva on 26 June and Raise The Number of Demonstrators to Over 10,000!!


By Concerned Eritreans

You could by now have heard that Eritreans opposed to the repressive regime in Asmara are organizing a historic demonstration in front of the UN Office in Geneva on 26 June 2015.

If you have not yet decided to be part of that momentous demonstration in Geneva that day, you must do so now.

If your family members and close Eritrean and non-Eritrean friends have not yet heard about it, know that you, we all, have the moral and patriotic duty not only to tell them about the event of June 26 but also to help them through various means to be in Geneva that day.  

We go to Geneva on 26 June for a number of noble objectives, including the following:

  1. There is man-made humanitarian disaster in Eritrea. The UN Human Rights Commission and its inquiry organ have confirmed it. Therefore, we will ask for deeds and not only words: we will ask for concrete action by the UN Security Council and the international community to help end the prolonged agony of our nation under a modern-day Gestapo force.
  2. June 26 will be the day in which we express our solidarity with suffering compatriots. It is a day to remember and pay respects to all languishing in prisons and those who perished in the deserts and the high seas. It is also the day we express our deepest commitment to revitalize the dreams of our people for a better tomorrow in peace, democracy and prosperity.
  3. June 26 shall be the day on which we show to the world that it is a critical mass of us, Eritreans, who have rejected the one-man dictatorship in Eritrea.

We all know that in February 2010, the Eritrean authorities and their agents in Europe have forced so many Eritreans to come to Geneva and show that the one-man dictatorship has “a good number of supporters”. Yes, many came under duress: those compatriots who maintained some link with home were told either to show up in Geneva for the demonstration or pay a good amount of money to regime embassies in Europe. Many came, and those who did not come had to pay the ordered amount. A similar “show of force” was staged by the regime agents in New York in an event attended by the dictator himself.

As of that time, all UN agencies, permanent missions and other international organizations in Geneva and New York continued to wrongly believe that the regime still has “solid support” by Eritreans.

Of course this is not true anymore. Over 90% of Eritreans are opposed to the autocratic regime at home. But we have to expose the regime’s narrative of lies by our presence in Geneva.  June 26 2015 is the day, the best opportunity we have to show the People Power – the real force of those of us struggling for justice and democratic change.

Organized social movements, leaders and members of political and civil society organizations and individuals committed to the struggle for democratic change in Eritrea are called upon to be part of the historic day.

We need to pay whatever that one-day mission costs. Come from all parts of Europe, and when possible to make it, even from any part of Africa, the Middle East and North America. June 26 deserves your presence in Geneva.

Come one, come all!!

 We Shall Overcome.




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