Press Release of EUDC on the report of the human rights inquiry commission on Eritrea


As we all know, the UN established a human rights commission to investigate the gross violations of human rights in Eritrea. The commission submitted this week a 483 page report. Our organisation studied the report carefully and would like to highlight the following findings:-

  1. The PFDJ regime, under the leadership of president Isayas, has been and still is violating human rights in Eritrea at an individual level and as a group.
  2. The human rights violation of the Eritrean youth under an indefinite national service amount to slavery.
  3. The country is full of many secret and open prisons; inhuman torture methods are carried out; prisoners are not given due process of law and there is no rule of law.
  4. The report highlight a widespread systematic human rights violations where “people live not by law but through fear”. In short the report says Eritrea is a country where crimes against humanity are carried out.

Our organisation endorses the report as a correct explanation of the pervasive human rights violation in Eritrea by the PFDJ regime. We thank and support the world community in general and the enquiry commission in particular for the deep concern they have shown towards the terrible predicament faced by the Eritrean people. We call upon the world body to go a step further and take the regime to the International Criminal Court for its crimes against humanity.

Our organisation thanks and is proud for the involvement of Eritrean intellectuals in exposing the cruel human rights violation of the PFDJ regime. We say to you “feel proud of yourself for your advocacy of the Eritrean people”. We call upon you to play a leading role in saving the struggle for freedom from its vicious circle and shoulder the timely responsibility of helping the struggle to have its proper direction in order to create a bright future for Eritrea after the fall of the PFDJ.


Dear the struggling peoples of Eritrea:

The report of the UN human rights commission of enquiry on Eritrea has gone beyond Eritrea and proves the world’s concern on the gross violations of human rights in Eritrea. As a result the PFDJ regime is isolated while world opinion has sided with suffering Eritrean people.

This truth has moved Eritreans Diasporas to give their support to the report and anger at the human rights violations through worldwide demonstration. Our organisation supports and is proud of your actions which also represent the voiceless people inside Eritrea.

We believe that these demonstrations and expressions of anger should not be a one off exercise. The struggle should continue until the criminal Isayas and his clique are put before the International Criminal Court where they will be given their due punishment. We also strongly believe that the Eritrean people are decisive in bringing peace, democracy and development to their country. In addition, it is self evident that their aspirations can only be accomplished under a competent leadership. Our organisation is, more than ever; ready to shoulder this responsibility at this historical juncture.

Death to the PFDJ regime

Victory & Justice to the peoples of Eritrea

EUDC News & Culture Dept.

June 30, 2015



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