Press Release: the General Secretariat held an emergency meeting to discuss the latest general developments in Eritrean


Press release

The General Secretariat held an emergency meeting to discuss the latest general developments in Eritrean

By the invitation from the Secretary General, the  General Secretariat of the Eritrean National Constants Front (E.N.C.F.) held an emergency meeting to discuss the latest general developments in Eritrea and after reviewing the overall situation based on available data about the internal and external Eritrean situation… discussed by attending members of the General Secretariat, reached a common vision that represent our position and stand on the new developments in the Eritrean arena from which to proceed in the next phase and it summarized as follows:

  1. The dictatorial and sectarian regime in Eritrea brought the country to the brink of abyss and proved without any doubt its failure at all levels and is in real trouble and that the continuation of his failed policies in running the country will not only result to its inevitable collapse as a ruling junta but the end of all its political existence where it became clear the extent of its internal corrosion have reached as a result of large-scale spread of financial and administrative corruption and conflict between the centers of power especially between the (generals),  widespread of arms, smuggling gangs and the multiplicity of foreign armed opposition organizations that are temporary bombs as proved the experience of the Tigrayan DMTP (Democratic Movement of Tigray People) which will make the Eritrean arena open to all (the possibilities) leaving with only one option, that’s to hand over the power to the people and the return of the Eritrean parliamentary democratic system which was based on national constants as an acquired national political experience,  because any  other attempt to embellish the regime to escape from international sanctions and get out of its current predicament to keep the (authoritarian gains) will be in vain.
  2. The widespread news about the tyrant’s death, regardless of its veracity among the Eritrean masses at home and abroad for the second time and given to the widespread interest, especially at home which cannot be ignored that was tainted by obvious satisfaction among the masses is a reflection on the state of popular rejection for the tyrant to stay in power after 25 years of continuous suffering which is compounded each day more day in the absence of a glimmer of hope for the occurrence of any political breakthrough on the horizon and therefore represents, in our opinion, a case of people’s  referendum which reject its presence, may develop in the case of persistent obstruction of the political horizon to the growing sense of the people to reject everything that symbolizes the regime such as individuals, symbols or bodies due to lack of confidence in the possibility of change from within, therefore that this situation represents, in our view, growing popular rejection indicators and not just (rumors that are refuted by the appearance of the tyrant) and can develop into the case of a challenge to take various forms of confrontation with the ruling junta and the masses are at home then took over the task of change upon themselves away from betting on the elements of the ruling junta or  external opposition power and the opposition as the only feasible option to get rid of the ongoing suffering. Accordingly, based on this analysis, we see that it’s beyond the question of the credibility of the news of the death of the tyrant or not, because in the opinion of Eritrean people and ours, also has been on many levels and that physical death is nothing but a foregone occurrence.


  1. We warn organizations and opposition parties’ abroad from being dragged behind the projects and perceptions of alternative fueled by (external centers) because it would necessarily mean the absence of the will of the Eritrean people which is the same scenario that was followed by the ruling party after the liberation which excluded the will of the Eritrean people for 25 years of arbitrary rocking wrath of dictatorial rule with illusionary view that it represents the will of the Eritrean people and does not need any authorization from the people because they (ruling junta) are the liberators of Eritrea that gave them the right to lay criteria to determine the membership nationalism and the conditions for political representation which is monopolized by the ruling junta.


  1. The National Council for Democratic Change (N.C.D.C.) is considered to be the umbrella of the opposition forces, which was based on the principle of harmonious peaceful dialogue as a unitary accomplishment participated to its achievement most of the political forces and human rights organizations representatives of the Eritrean masses and groupings abroad which was necessary prerequisite to meet the challenges of the desired change condition and despite all the negatives that accompanied its work for three years where the NCDC leadership were unable for two terms to realize any concrete achievements, but it was ravaged by differences that disrupted its ability to achieve its goals that were expected to be realized. But the decision to enter the Second Conference of the Council by consensus of the Council is considered as an important step to address all the problems that obstructed its progress during the last period by the masses. We at the General Secretariat of the E.N.C.F. strongly support the decision of the Council’s presidency to extend the date of the conference to allow the Preparatory Committee have good chance for good preparation and enable the participation of all Eritrean entities.

However, we draw the presidency of the Council and the Preparatory Commission that the venue of the Conference has importance and political implications than being a place to debate and make decisions and selection of leadership only; moreover, we would like to draw the attention of the host country for the need to allow for the convening of the conference in the political capital of the state (Addis Abeba) preferably in one of the African Union halls and not in the provinces of the Ethiopian State because holding the Conference in its capital, confirms their political support for the demands of the opposition as it provides the opportunity for the participation of the international, Arab and African media and highlights it as a major Eritrean representing the view points of Eritrean public opinion rather than being held in some parts of Ethiopian provinces where no one knows about it and ends as being as a local Ethiopian event !!

Even for the Eritrean public abroad and at home to be able to follow the course of the conference as their own and of outmost important event, and to make the Conference a democratic Eritrean witnessed by the whole world and this is important thing even if it requires to bear the expenses to rent the conference hall that can be  collected from donations by masses of the Council’s  branches abroad, which will not hesitate to contribute generously when requested to do so or to look for other alternatives.


  1. Our stand to resist and oppose the dictatorial and sectarian regime in o the next stage can be summarized as follows:


  • The change would only be achieved through the movement of the masses at home and the work abroad is only the catalyst and it will focus our struggle in this context.
  • Our pivotal motto is that we are fighting for the return of stolen power to the people that’s the return to the constitutional democratic system, on which the Eritrean national entity was established by in 1952 with all its symbols of the Constitution after the amendment the sovereign articles such as: multi-party system, parliament, general freedoms and overthrow of the dictatorial and sectarian regime.
  • Our struggling means are based on the struggle among the masses to organize them, enlighten them and make them aware by inciting them to revolt against the dictatorial and sectarian regime in Eritrea.

Accordingly it has been taking a number of other decisions that ensue in this direction and the most important of which is the formation of a follow-up and monitoring committee to monitor the developments from a number of the members of the Secretariat round (24 hours a day) the clock.


Victory to Democracy




General Secretariat – Eritrean National Constants Front (E.N.C.F.)



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