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Eritrea�s Regional Civil Servants

Published By Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar – Feb 10, 2010    Lists of Civil Servants: 1) Regional  2) Country  &  Top Military Officers   Anseba 1 Administrator Gergis Grmai 2 Administrator, Keren Tekie Keleta 3 Adminstration & Finance Gebreyohanes Weldegergis 4 Social Services Zeineb Omer 5 Infrastructure Gebru Haile 6 Economic Development Kbrom Andemikael 7 Planning & statistics Fitsum Gerezgiher […]


Published By Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar – Feb 10, 2010    Lists of Civil Servants: 1) Regional  2) Country  &  Top Military Officers Ministry Designation Department / Division / Unit OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT     Isaias Afwerki President Yemane Gebremeskel Advisor/Dir/Spkprsn Office of the President Col. Tesfalidet Presidential aid Alamin Hasan Presidential aid Tewolde (Gobbo) Director Eritrean Information Systems […]

Amnesty International’s Urgent Action Appeal

UA 34/07 Forcible return/Torture and ill-treatmentLIBYA 430 Eritrean nationals According to reports, 430 Eritrean nationals, including over 50 women and children, are currently detained by Libyan authorities and are facing imminent deportation to Eritrea. Reports suggest that the Libyan authorities may have beaten and raped or sexually abused some detainees, and some detainees may even […]

Reporters Without Borders

Press release 26 January 2007 ERITREA On eve of African Union summit, UN secretary-general urged to intercede on behalf of press freedom in Eritrea On the eve of the African Union summit on 29-30 January in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, Reporters Without Borders today urged the new United Nations secretary-general, Ban Ki Moon, […]

Human Rights Watch: World Report 2007

Eritrea 11/1/2007 Events of 2006: Since 2001 the government of President Isayas Afewerki has carried out an unremitting attack on democratic institutions and civil society in Eritrea by arresting political opponents, destroying the private press, and incarcerating anyone thought to challenge the government’s policies. Almost no civil society institutions survive but the assault continued in […]

CPJ – Keeping the spotlight on Eritrea’s jailed journalists

  haled Abdu, once the top editor of Admas, a private weekly in Eritrea, fled his homeland in 2000 after getting a series of threats from government agents. He was one of the lucky ones, as it turned out. In a massive crackdown in September 2001, the government rounded up and jailed many of Eritrea’s […]

Eritrea: International Religious Freedom Report 2006

Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor The International Religious Freedom report is submitted to Congress annually by the Department of State in compliance with Section 102(b) of the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) of 1998. This report supplements the most recent Human Rights Reports by providing additional detailed information with respect […]


AI Index: AFR 64/004/2006 (Public) News Service No: 130 24 May 2006 Embargo Date: 24 May 2006 00:01 GMT Eritrea: Independence Day call for a year of urgent human rights improvements Today on Eritrean Independence Day, Amnesty International is making a new call to Eritrea’s President Issayas Afewerki to make the coming 14th year of […]


TITLE: Humanitarian Problems of Eritrean Refugees in Sudan TO: UNHCR – SUDAN SUBMITTED BY: ERAS (Eritrean Refugees Association in Sudan) DATE: 7 May 2006     Appeal Grounds   Ever since 1967, Eritreans have been seeking asylum in Sudan and other countries in various influxes. Sudan, owing to its geographical closeness and its sympathy to […]


PRESS BRIEFING TRANSCRIPT 27 OCTOBER 05 A near verbatim transcript of the press briefing held by the Spokeswoman and Chief of Public Information, Gail Bindley-Taylor-Sainté in Asmara, via videoconference linking participants in Asmara and Addis Ababa. Present at the briefing in Asmara was the UNMEE Chief-of-Staff Colonel Mohammed Iqbal. POLITICAL: On 20 October, the Deputy […]

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