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ፋይናስ ሚኒስተር ነበር ብርሃነ ኣብርሀ ኪዳነ ተኣሲሩ

ነባር ተጋዳልይን ፋይናንስ ሚኒተር ነበር ኣቶ ብርሃነ ኣብርሀ ትማሊ ዕለት 17 መስከረም 2018 ብዘይሕጋዊ ኣገባብ፡ ብዘይመጸዋዕታን ክስን ቤት ፍርድን ፖሊስን፡ ካብ ቤቱ ምስ ወጸ ብጸጥታ መላኺ ስርዓት ህግዲፍ ኣብ ቅድሚ ሰቡ ተጨውዩ ከም ዘየተመልሰ ተፈሊጡ። ኣቶ ብርሃነ ኣብርሀ ተጨውዩ ከይዱ’ዩ ተባሂሉ’ምበር ከመይን ኣበይን ከም ዝኸደ ክሳብ ሕጂ ዝተረኽበ ሓበሬታ የልቦን። ካብ ሕሉፍ ኣካይዳ መላኺ ስርዓት […]

PHOTO STORY: Drought and water shortages stalk Eritrea’s refugee camps

 Matilde Gattoni 4th August, 2011 In the second of our series of photo-stories documenting global water issues, Matilde Gattoni reports from Eritrea’s internally displaced persons camps – and outlines some startling facts about the planet’s most vital resource As a result of 30 years of war for independence against Ethiopia (from 1961 to 1991) and […]

Letter from Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia

Date: 20 April, 2011 Excellencies, Representative of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

ሰለማዊ ሰልፊ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ብኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት

ትማሊ 20 ሚያዝያ 2011  ኣብ መላእ ኢትዮጵያ ኣንጻር ህግደፍ ዝዓለመን ኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝርከቡ ናይ ፖሎቲካ ስደተኛታት ደኣ’ምበርናይቁጠ ባስደተኛታት ከምዘይኮኑ ዘረጋገጹላን፡ ብኤርትራውያን ስደተኛታት ዝተዳለወ፡ (ይኣክል)


ዕለት-20/04/2011 ብቐዳምነትሰላምታ ክቡራንንክቡራትን

Hands off the Youth Movements!

In today’s materially obsesses world, it seems strange to see both the words ‘altruistic and selfish’ associated with the Eritrean opposition forces for democratic change altogether. Perhaps there are lessons to draw from the ongoing struggle against the PFDJ’s regime where recently whilst some were demanding and calling for freedom for prisoners of conscience, rule […]

The Role of Military in Transition to Democracy

                                                              By Fesseha Nair “Active support or acquiescence of the military is the key to any viable and sustained political transition to democracy”                  Monshipouri We have been observing the role played by the military in Tunisia and Egypt siding with the popular uprisings against the dictators and dictatorship on one side, and we just […]

ኣገዳሲ ህዝባዊ ኣኼባ ኮምሽን ኣብ ኦስሎ-ኖርወይ

አባል ኤርትራዊ ሃገራዊ ኮሚሽን ንደሞክራስያዊ ለውጢ፡ ኣወሃሃዲ ዞባ ኣውሮጳ ኮምሺነር እድሪስ ኑሩ፡ ምስ ኩሎም ግዱሳት ኤርትራውያን ንምርካብን ንሓባራዊ ሃገራዊ ጉዳያት ሕድሕድ ልዝባት ንምግባርን ሰፊሕን ኣገዳስን ኣኼባ ተዳልዩ ምህላዉ ንገልጽ። ብደሓን ምጹ::

ሽማግለ ህዝቢ ንሃገራዊ ጉባኤ ከተማ ክኣትላንታ ቀዳማይ ናይ ህዝቢ ኣኸባ ብዓወት ዛዚማ፣

ብዕለት 2 ሚያዚያ 2011፡ ሽማግለ ህዝቢ ንሃገራዊ ጉባኤ ኣትላንታ መስርሕ ሃገራዊ ጉባኤ ንምስላጥ፡ ቀዳማይ ኣኼባኣ ምስ ሕዝቢ ኣካይዳ። ናይ’ቲ ኣኼባ ዕላማ፡ ኣባላትን ዕማምን ተሓጋጋዚት ሽማግለ ምስ ሕዝቢ ምልላይን፡ ክሳብ ሕጂ ዘሳለጠቶም ስራሓትን ንምሕባርን እዩ ነይሩ። እቲ ኣኼባ፡ ብኣቦ-መንበር ተወልደ ገብሩ ተኸፊቱን ተመሪሑን፡፡  ቀጺሉ ናይ ሽማግለ ህዝቢ ንሃገራዊ ጉባኤ ኣትላንታ ዋና ጸሓፊ፡ ኣቶ ዘርኣይ ወልዳይ ናይ […]

Eyewitness to Al-Jazeera: Gaddafi’s militias abducted hundreds of Eritreans

Farajat A fugitive eyewitness from the city of Tripoli in the border area between Tunisia and Libya mentioned to Al-Jazeera satellite channel in its daily Harvest Bulletin on March 9 that the militias of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi kidnapped hundreds of Eritreans and were moved by cars to unknown destination. When resisted and refused to go, […]

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